Thursday, October 20, 2016

Post #125

Wonder Woman #88
February 1957

 photo ww88_zpsejdrxwul.jpg

First (cover) Story;
Dimwitted gangsters. babies falling out of windows, and an escaped spy. All help pad this thin story of ‘what’s in the box?’.

Second Story:
WWs lasso get’s to tell her story.

Third Story:
WW identity revealed, again (or not).

 photo ww88a_zpsn2j0oljl.png

 photo ww88b_zpszmvtfloe.png

 photo ww88d_zpszohrgmn6.png

 photo ww88e_zpsjohc5tgl.png

 photo ww88f_zpsboqw2mmx.jpg

 photo ww88g_zps5eatki28.png

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Post #124

Wonder Woman #87
January 1957

 photo WW87_zpsz8wqniua.jpg
First story: Time stops, aliens invade, WW saves Steve.
 photo ww87a_zpskckpolgl.png
 photo ww87b_zps2wtdmii2.png
Second (cover) Story: Giant eagle with threatening talons is common in WW adventures. The giant footsteps on the cover turn out to be that of a robots.
 photo ww87c_zpsq1l7xlkp.jpg
 photo ww87d_zpsvkxgkflw.png
Third Story: More foolishness. WW loses her tiara, battles giant fish, faces death.
 photo ww87e_zpsnc96ep1z.png
Merciful Minerva, when will it end!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Post #123

Wonder Woman #86
November 1956

 photo WW86_zpslymofowp.jpg

Really difficult to comment on this issue at all. Perhaps Bob Kanigher was running on fumes in the amount of stories he was writing and editing per month. This issue is just plain awful.

"The Painting That Betrayed Wonder Woman," uses the well worn story line of revealing the secret identity.
 photo ww86a_zpsbw4desfv.png
"The Talking Robot Plane," may have inspired the Night at the Museum creators.

 photo ww86b_zps0vzm1cyl.png Dimwitted GA bad guys used to move the story to its well worn conclusion.  photo ww86c_zpsl57ff49a.png

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Post #122

Wonder Woman #85
October 1956

 photo ww85_zpsysb5k5z1.jpg

I’m starting my Wonder Woman Silver Age blog with this issue. No, it is not a SA issue, but it is on the newsstand at the same time as Showcase #4 (written by Kanigher). The only similarity between this issue and Showcase #4 is the Giant 5000 Prize Contest. I want to take a look for any hints of a shift of style in the stories from childish fantasies, not-so-bright gangsters, secret identity seekers into science-fiction oriented epics.

Credits for the last 13 issues before the SA Wonder Woman origin story of issue #98 are Irv Novick (ending with #94) covers, Robert Kanigher writer, and Harry G. Peter (ending with #97) art.

The first story is the better of the three. "The Sword In the Sky" takes the excalibur myth and expands it into a rescue mission of moon people and a lesson on what is required to achieve freedom.

 photo ww85c_zpsjzbw9hbn.png

The "The Wooden Hero" is very routine for the genre in so much as it is kid centered.

 photo ww85d_zpsc1dzaye1.png

The cover story, "The Woman In the Bottle”, nearly makes a complete six page filler.

 photo ww85g_zpsksftrge6.jpg

The educational love factoids are a regular inclusion during this late GA series run. This is the only time I will post them.

 photo ww85e_zpscsy40kjs.png

 photo ww85f_zps5vrku2w1.png

How many coupons from Showcase #4 got clipped for a chance at the grand prize?

 photo ww85b_zps7tikyfaw.jpg

Overall, a forgettable issue like nearly all the others that will follow over the next year or so. It won’t be until #98 that Wonder Woman will start to really change and the stories become very interesting.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Post #121 Wonder Woman In The Silver Age

 photo ww header_zpsnjentbl7.jpg
I'd like to welcome those that have followed my Flash Comics Journal blog on the CGC Boards these past four years. I also invite new fans to join me in a retrospective breakdown of 'Wonder Woman In The Silver Age'.

I start with issue #86 (same month as Showcase #4) and chronicle thru #120, while visiting a few detours on the journey. It's not an easy trek. Up until the origin issue #98, reading these stories is tedious -- mindless gangsters (and aliens), childish fantasies, ww identity revealing seekers, all recycled to lesser effect. The three stories per issue format was out of gas. Bob Kanigher, whom I have great respect for as a writer, clearly was not putting the 'A' work out there. Nor was Peters, who I never cared for, with the art. But you do see glimpses of SA shift in attitude in the 1957 issues with stories such as the origin of WW eagle breasted costume. In another story, we learn how she got her jeweled tiara. Although which comes first is confusing. With the introduction of Ross Andru (Pencils) and Mike Esposito (Inks) in #98, Kanigher finds inspiration to help the title morphs into a true Silver Age Classic. I'm really enjoying reading this era for the first time.

I hope you enjoy following along with me as we explore Wonder Woman In The Silver Age!