Friday, January 29, 2016

Post #105

Issue #93
March 1948
Rating: 5

 photo Flash93001_zps3a9f28a0.jpg
Outstanding issue with every story fun to read!

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The ironic 'late for the date' Jay motif will become a standard for Barry Allen at the dawn of the Silver Age for the Flash.  photo Flash93004_zps9a2e88c3.jpg
With the Flash in temporary retirement, Joan decides to help out anyway she can.
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The Black Canary has a utility belt of her own.

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Although I struggle with nearly all the Atom stories, this five pager by Paul Reinman is well conceived.

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John Broome’s Hawkman script hints at what type of stories will become popular in the Silver Age. As it swerves from gritty crime realism to fantasy.