Friday, April 22, 2016

Post #110

Issue #98
Rating: 5
 photo Flash98001_zpsd507111c.jpg
Although the art work and scripts have evolved to a new level, the stories are anchored to the typical GA superhero exploits. The clock is beginning to tick to the end of the GA.
 photo Flash98003_zps8c10dad8.jpg If the Hawkman roamed the skies of Gotham City, why no encounter with the Batman?  photo Flash98004_zpsb81288d2.jpg  photo Flash98005_zps61c039f0.jpg  photo Flash98007_zpse23c6c16.jpg The Atom deserves honorable mention in this issue.  photo Flash98008_zps21aa0dc3.jpg Black Canary script is well worn, but looks good.  photo Flash98006_zpsbae8598e.jpg I should do a black-jack to the back of the heros head count sometime.