Saturday, February 28, 2015

Post #90

Issue #78
December 1946
Rating: 5

 photo flash10041_zpsb5ff3620.jpg  photo flash10046_zps6b0cfdce.jpg Paul Reinman (Green Lantern) fills in with the art in this Hawkman strip. The Hawkman is the mythical mediator between the competing tribes of fire and water.  photo flash10044_zps20e8da23.jpg  photo flash10043_zpsd919b8e3.jpg The Flash gets in the mood for Halloween and wears a mask as the three dimwits make the party fun.  photo flash10045_zpsbe1e7b2a.jpg Great house ad for DC titles on the newsstands for October 1946.

Count the kids that had Flash Comics #78 that Halloween.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Post #89

Issue #77
November 1946
Rating: 5
 photo flash10034_zps6a755707.jpg The inside house ad places the newsstand date for this issue as September 11th, 1946

 photo flash10036_zps87eef569.jpgThe Flash has a super villain to counter, the “Jumper”.  photo flash10037_zps010b7b24.jpg  photo flash10038_zps4369c5db.jpg  photo flash10039_zps82ecb79b.jpgJohnny Thunder has the Flash, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and the Ghost Patrol make cameo appearances as he tries to remain relative to his editor.

Ghost Patrol is very good as well as Pedro meets a former lover – when he was alive.  photo flash10040_zps0765f0cb.jpg Hawkman uses the time honored superhero adventure technique of time travel to solve the mystery of the Curious Casket. Kubert leaves Hawkman for eight months at this point. Jon Chester Kozlak subs for a few issues.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Post #88

Issue #76
Oct. 1946
Rating: 4

 photo flash10024_zpsa159e0fe.jpg This issue is stronger in content.  photo flash10025_zpse671763d.jpg E. E. Hibbard art is solid.  photo flash10026_zps6b2794b4.jpg Ghost Patrol and Johnny Thunder are entertaining.  photo flash10027_zpse92bfe1c.jpg
The Hawkman is forward thinking in its layouts with a hint of the style of the pre-code horror genre.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Post #87

Issue #75
Sept. 1946
Rating: 4
 photo flash10008_zps4d931e5d.jpg  photo flash10010_zps0e00137f.jpg This issue is significant in that it reflects two different styles of scripts offered by Fox. The artwork layouts by Hibbard and Kubert differ significantly also. You get the Flash in a routine weird science\gags\crooks formula strip drawn in flat 2 dimensional panels.  photo flash10011_zps45646e0f.jpg You also get the Hawkman in a 5th dimension shadow boxing match that Kubert takes the backgrounds and makes them the foreground. Techniques by both that will be perfected when the Hawkman makes his silver age debut 18 years later.