Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Post #104

Issue #92
February 1947
Rating: 5

 photo Flash92001_zps5ac048c8.jpg
The comic book genre is the perfect medium to face-off superheros vs. mythological characters of the past. This Flash story by John Broome and Lee Elias is well conceived with plenty of action.
 photo Flash92003_zpsfc7af55e.jpg
As the cover advertises, ‘At Last! The Black Canary’. Presented here in its entirety.
 photo Flash92004_zps359615b2.jpg  photo Flash92005_zps05482202.jpg  photo Flash92006_zps2e74332c.jpg  photo Flash92007_zps97d436d9.jpg
Hawkman and Hawkgirl battle the Ghost for the third time.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Post #99

Issue #87
Sept. 1947
Rating: 5

 photo flash10184_zps52bf036d.jpg
Cover date stamp of July 9. The news of the day was very active.

 photo flash10186_zpsbd401226.jpg
Everett Raymond Kinstler gets credit for the cover and art of the Hawkman in this issue.

With the new style of Flash Comics, the Hawkman and Flash stories flip their traditional order with the Hawkman in the lead-off position.
 photo flash10192_zps1e4393f4.jpg

 photo flash10188_zpsae58c489.jpg  photo flash10189_zps256b7ccd.jpg
Carmine Infantino art is in the Johnny Thunder and Ghost Patrol strips.
 photo flash10190_zpsfe2c0028.jpg
 The Atom appears. Limited to 5 pages, the pacing of most Atom stories are too abrupt to really take notice.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Post #103

Issue #91
January 1948
Rating: 5

 photo Flash91001_zps8df4f2a7.jpg
 photo Flash91003_zpscf66cd2d.jpg
Lee Elias had an incredible ability to make his layouts express action.

 photo Flash91004_zpsd40ac1ab.jpg
This is the last Johnny Thunder AND Black Canary story

 photo Flash91005_zpsf0258175.jpg
Bob Oksner may deserve credit for inspiring Matt Bakers classic cover of the Phantom Lady. With a cover date of January 1948, the Hawkgirl bondage scene predates the Phantom Lady #17 by four months.