Sunday, June 22, 2014

Post #64

Issue #52
April 1944
Rating: 5
   photo flash52001_zpsaa7f3cb9.jpgWith a cover date stamp of February 16, 1944, I found this music entry: Eddie Miller 'Yesterdays'
   photo flash52003_zps8e6eec5a.jpg Equipped with no more than a magnesium flash pot, glider wings, and her stunning good looks, the Humming Bird makes her debut and the Hawkman and Hawkgirl must stop her. Puzzling still, is the Hawkman’s unilateral decision to turn the Humming Bird free. Another precursor, in addition to the Witch of the King strip, to the Black Canary motif.

 The charm of these backup stories can be found in the ingenious way they get started. In this issue we find a postcard from Berlin (Johnny and Peachy Pet Thunder), Undersea cave where the inhabitants are given tainted water to worship a dictator (Ghost Patrol), an SOS message in a can of green beans uncovers Nazi Saboteurs of the Allies food supply (the Whip).

 That leaves the least imaginative story of the issue, the Flash!