Saturday, February 25, 2017

Post #139

Wonder Woman #102
November 1958

 photo ww102_zps46y8zerh.jpg

 photo ww102a_zpsurvgvrod.png

 photo ww102b_zpskrwbflmj.png

 photo ww102c_zpsc9l3ruff.png

 photo ww102d_zpsnlhzce0b.jpg

Continuing with the SA mythos of love\marriage, fantasy\adventure, multiple WWs, and olympian feats of valor. No big bird talons this issue.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Post #138

Wonder Woman #101
October 1958

 photo ww101_zpsofq3irnv.jpg

Although I haven't rated any of these issues, this issue would get high marks for art and story. Pure SA fantasy at its best!

First story: "Undersea Trap!"

 photo ww101a_zpssuytbzuz.png

 photo ww101b_zpsetp8rkjv.png

 photo ww101c_zpsxdbz78ch.png

 photo ww101d_zpsvam8hw9q.png

Second Story: "Fun House of Time!"

 photo ww101e_zpspkedssww.png

 photo ww101f_zpstnkvrhxu.png

Friday, February 17, 2017

Post #137

Wonder Woman #100
August 1958

 photo ww100_zps6rt5iyyc.jpg

Outstanding issue. Free of any ghost of GA past.

 photo ww100a_zpsssnplh3x.png

 photo ww100b_zps18hs8efv.png

 photo ww100c_zpstkdfwthk.png

 photo ww100d_zpsjymd4ene.png

 photo ww100f_zpscrlnz3pj.jpg

 photo ww100g_zpsucjpzpks.png

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Post #136

Wonder Woman #99
July 1958

 photo ww99_zpsgl0vaimo.jpg
Space age upgrade in art and content in this issue. Full throttled Silver Age adventure.
 photo ww99a_zps1flnov7m.png
Did you ever wonder how Wonder Woman can move about in space without a spacesuit? Secret Amazon Tech revealed . . .
 photo ww99b_zpslqxwfjbp.jpg

 photo ww99c_zpsaxbyz8zf.png

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Post #135

Wonder Woman #98
May 1958

 photo ww98_zpsgpwe31ne.jpg
Having read dozens of these stories now, other than the revamped origin element (I liked), the plots are not much different from what came before. Giant eagle, menacing fish, enemy sub attack (swapped for space aliens), lovestruck Steve Trevor (getting stale), magical conclusion for the sake of helping kids.

What set this issue apart from previous stories are two things. The 25 page format is more fluid then the previous 3 story format. The art is much improved. WW doesn’t feel like a static wood carved stencil. I like her straight hair vs. the old fashion curly doo.

 photo ww98a_zpsrhxofq0t.png  photo ww98c_zpsripncrfl.png  photo ww98e_zpsjluafywz.png  photo ww98b_zps5jya7l99.png  photo ww98f_zpsxjaignmh.png

The Kanigher\Andru\Esposito collaboration is off to a running start.

 photo ww98d_zps3uboqlmk.jpg

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Post #134

Wonder Woman #97
April 1958

 photo ww97_zpszstrh0dz.jpg

Awesome Cover!

Peter’s last issue features not three stories, but a three part story.

 photo ww97a_zpsevei0qxn.png

Bob Kanigher is starting to bring his ‘A’ game with this issue.

 photo ww97b_zpsatehb1ci.jpg

Shared newsstand space with Lois Lane #1, Adventure Comics #247, and Showcase #13.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Post #133

Wonder Woman #96
February 1958

 photo ww96_zpsfclpslvt.jpg

Wonderful second cover of the Andru\Esposito team. However, the stories are more of the same.
Angle Man returns, as if he never got caught the last time.

 photo ww96c_zpsrogkqv7d.png
Lovestuck Stevie has got it bad.
 photo ww96a_zpsrsexq9wa.png
Wonder Woman also suffers from writers block.
 photo ww96b_zpscefzo7yx.png

The GA of WW death pains continue.