Friday, September 30, 2016

Post #120

Flash Comics Wheaties Giveaway
Nov. 1946

The giveaway promotion was buy 2 boxes of Wheaties, get a free comic.
Issue features the Flash (Hasen) in a rare GA time travel story, Johnny Thunder (Hasen), Ghost Patrol (Harry), and Hawkman and Hawkgirl (Kubert). Cover by Irwin Hasen.

 photo FLashFreebie_zpsyroijykt.jpg

The truncated format worked best for Frank Harry's 'Ghost Patrol'.

 photo FLashFreebie-1_zps1duhliby.jpg

 photo FLashFreebie-2_zpskccrnq0q.jpg

 photo FLashFreebie-3_zpsk1y3ov9s.jpg

 photo FLashFreebie-4_zpsepmzbvfh.jpg

 photo FLashFreebie-5_zpskgxzmkhy.jpg

 photo FLashFreebie-6_zpsmrqwyaw9.jpg

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Post #119

After Flash Comics cancellation, Kanigher, Fox, Broome, Hasen, Infantino, and Kubert contributed to All-American Westerns in 1949.

Here are Infantino (Boy Commandos) and Kubert (Zantana) work on World's Finest Comics strips during 1949

World's Finest # 39, March/April, 1949.

 photo WFC39_zps0rcpslrt.jpg

World's Finest # 40, May/June, 1949

 photo WFC40a_zpso9iioke3.jpg
 photo fdaedc7f-8178-4854-847b-45bf52f53481_zps7ggxxn23.jpg

World's Finest # 41, July/August, 1949

 photo b0b164cd-e704-4a0b-a132-b3540db12c80_zpsq2odowf8.jpg

World's Finest # 42, Sept./Oct., 1949

World's Finest # 43, Nov./Dec., 1949

 photo WFC43_zpsv0ml5omg.jpg

World's Finest # 44, February/March, 1950

Friday, September 16, 2016

Post #118

Flash Comics writers and artist continued working after the title cancelled in 1949. The following month, Sensation Comics #87 (March 1949) hit the newsstands with a lot of Flash Comics veterans contributing.

Wonder Woman, script by Kanigher
Wild Cat, inks by Bernard Sachs (Flash)
Half page Money Stuff and Ma Nature's Curiosity Shop filler, Martin Naydel (Flash)
Willy Nilly, pencils\inks by Frank Harry (Ghost Patrol)
Wonder Women of History story, pencils\inks by Paul Reinman (Atom)
Text story "Underwater Architect", Script by Ted Udall (Flash)
1 page Gerry filler by Harry Lampert (co-creater of the Flash)
Lady Danger, pencils\inks Carmine Infantino (Flash, Ghost Patrol, Black Canary, Atom)

 photo Sensation87_zps5erzpozb.jpg

Friday, September 9, 2016

Post #117

From Adventure Comics #137 (Feb. 1949), the house ads shows the last issue of Flash Comics shared newsstand space with Superboy #1 in the first week of January 1949.

The so called GA Superhero Implosion has begun.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Post #116

Issue #104
Feb. 1949
Rating: 5

 photo DSC02545_zpsc0f270c1.jpg
Hawkman -- Broome, Kubert
Flash -- Kanigher, Infantino, Giacoia
Ghost Patrol -- Infantino, Sachs
Atom -- Arthur Adler, Reinman
Ma Nature's Curiosity Shop -- Martin Naydel
Black Canary -- Kanigher, Infantino, Sachs
 photo Flash104e_zpsmbftijja.jpg
 photo Flash104c_zpsf5hxfiny.jpg
 photo Flash104d_zpshrmnpqnq.jpg
 photo flashcomics104_1_zps155060de.jpg
 photo Flash104f_zpsifkq7cmq.jpg

Flash's origin retold, with a new development added . . .

 photo Flash104a_zpsqcpcrpo5.jpg

Flash's Rival . . .

 photo Flash104b_zpsaxq35zvd.png