Thursday, March 26, 2015

Post #94

Issue #82
April 1947
Rating: 5

 photo flash10080_zps5758e2cb.jpg
Robert Kanigher uses the flashback technique with great success in the Flash story. Also is a reenactment of the famous issue #1 cover.
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The radio ad in the Ghost Patrol is worth posting here . . .   photo flash10085_zpsb408694c.jpg  photo flash10086_zps63922ef2.jpg

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Post #93

Issue #81
March 1947
Rating: 5

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Robert Kanigher began his writing credits to Flash Comics with both the Flash and the Hawkman strips – later the Black Canary.
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The relationship between Joan and Jay acts as a marker for me. This relationship quirk is different than anything previously scene to the reader.
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The Hawkman strip also uses a background story page that is new to the style. This issue begins the transition from what I describe the Golden Age of Flash Comics to the Proto-Silverage. The stories, in this issue with the Hawkman, become less about solving crimes and more adventures into the sub-conscious. The gratuitous bad guys are still there as a link to the familiar. However, the glimpse into the next generation of comic book themes begins here.

Peachy Pet and Johnny Thunder strip makes for an enjoyable filler.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Post #91

Issue #79
Jan. 1947
Rating: 5

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This issue features the last appearances in the GA from the three dimwits (they will continue to appear in All-Flash thru out 1947). Their next appearance in this series is as the SA back up story from Flash Comics #117.

 photo screen-capture-35_zps745208bb.jpg  photo screen-capture-29_zps52911f9d.jpg
Kozlak’s art is used again with the Hawkman strip when the birds revolt. Johnny Thunder and Ghost Patrol are average strips for this issue.