Saturday, September 28, 2013

Entry #39

Issue #29
May 1942
Rating: 5

 photo b299908a-587d-4789-915c-795439265d73_zps30f1df8a.jpg The Flash faces a foe that has tech that can harness solar energy and use as destructive lightning bolts. However, the mad scientist poorly executed plan is easily foiled by the Flash.
Peachy Pet becomes the main energy being the Johnny Thunder stories.
 photo 160d816b-060f-462b-a34f-8fac345b5878_zpsae20cbfd.jpg The Ghost Patrol debuts in this issue. Being a French Foreign Legion bomber squad, their mission is to bomb an innocent village in French North Africa. Ordered by a commander that is really a nazi officer. The Ghost Patrol’s mechanic knows the truth and plants a bomb on the Ghost Patrol’s bomber, intending to blow up the plane before it reaches its target. KA-BOOM-EE! The Ghost Patrol becomes a variation of the Spectre and tracks down the nazi. Turning him over to the Gestapo for failure to compete his mission of creating a public condemnation for the French Foreign Legion.

The King and Witchie team-up. Any doubt that the King is a crusader for justice is gone after he battles the police to save the Witchie. Reading this story, I feel a kernel of inspiration led some future writer at D. C. to dream up the future thief turn heroine, Black Canary.
 photo f6ebe9df-1f51-4613-aa79-a56bb448e063_zps31c6e41c.jpg An editorial goof can be found in the Hawkman story. No ‘Keep’em Flying’ mentioned!
‘Keep’em Flying’ issue – excluding Hawkman.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Entry #38

Issue #28
April 1942
Rating: 5

 photo 359ca67e-610c-4205-a757-9be6dc6d4961_zps2a7d6ade.jpg
 photo f87cb7a7-3603-4576-a43b-e2ea28478c3c_zpsc6dbcf3c.jpg
The Flash turns down a Hollywood movie contract.
 photo e76fa822-5bd0-4d9b-8da1-44c03508afc2_zps8b959108.jpg
Peachy Pet becomes a regular in the Thunder family
 photo 82cafb9d-4fc3-4381-929c-913a4d839e8d_zps2fddb813.jpg
Witchie is still popular after these many issues.
 photo c94ba0d4-a4b3-4a42-ae27-5553dcb6b9a8_zpsd981a1f7.jpg
‘Keep’em Flying’ issue.

With a date stamp of 2-14, I was curious what happened on that day back in 1942.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Entry# 37

Issue #27
March 1942
Rating: 5

 photo Flash27x_zps9b8fb437.png Having a bit of fun with this issue.
Pictures where taken before I shipped the comic to CGC

The quality of material is continued from the last issue to this one.
Flash – cautionary moral tale of the perils of getting involved with crime.
Thunder – amazon comedy\adventure
Sparks – secret U-boat base
King – breaking up a racketeer operation
Whip – action packed fights
Minute Movie –‘Crime Cave’
Hawkman – more Hawk Valley telepathic bird crimebusting.

‘Keep’em Flying’ issue.
 photo DSC01960_zpsa7f95482.jpg  photo DSC01961_zpsbc6e5e3f.jpg  photo DSC01963_zps3a3f61a9.jpg  photo DSC01964_zpsdb3cf5f1.jpg  photo DSC01966_zps85a4c6e0.jpg  photo DSC01967_zpsc45ceed3.jpg  photo DSC01968_zpsa3cd89d4.jpg  photo DSC01969_zpsdb6d760b.jpg

Monday, September 2, 2013

Entry #36

Issue #26
February 1942
Rating: 5

 photo a087b486-e3e8-414f-9616-ea545f7fa5ea_zpse2bcd862.jpg These stories, excluding ‘the Hawkman’, remind me of ‘60s comedies and detective tv shows. Tight scripts with just enough gags and action to carry you to the end. I’ve started to read ‘The King’ stories and imagine what the Flash would look like if Harry Lampert never left the strip. Plenty of out of the panel blow-ups, very kinetic in layout.  photo c536d83b-0d74-4a39-9861-55590f60eee7_zps4856624e.jpg It would have been great to be a kid at this time and walk into your newsstand and find Action Comics #14, Batman #9, Sensation Comics #2, World’s Finest #4, All-Star Comics #9, and Flash Comics #26 lined up in a row in NM+ condition!!

‘Keep’em Flying’ issue.