Saturday, May 25, 2013

Entry #26

Issue #17
May 1941
Rating: 5

 photo Picture9_zps74cce147.jpg The cover on #17 has its story told in issue #11. The Hawkman must battle the Golden Mummy – rather routine storyline.
 photo Picture10_zpscfbc0321.jpg This is the last appearance of Cliff Cornwall. Rather than add a new strip, the next issue ran more ads then before, an affirmation that the series was very popular.

Baseball is the vehicle for not one but two stories – the Flash and Johnny Thunder.

It has occurred to me that the Flash\Hawkman balance is similar to the Superman\Batman combo. The Flash\Superman characters are daylight fighters for the community. The Batman\Hawkman personas work best in the night fighting macabre evil villain and the supernatural. Unlike the Superman\Batman team of writers, the Flash\Hawkman themes are left in the capable hands of Gardner Fox for the first 80 issues.

Newsreel 03/41

Lend Lease Act is signed into law.[/color]

Music Entry 03/41

"In The Hush Of The Night" by Jimmy Dorsey & his Orchestra, vocals by Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell, recorded March 19, 1941

Provided by curiosity of MusicProf78 youtube channel.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Entry #25

Issue #16
April 1941
Rating: 5
 photo Picture2_zps77b32c60.jpg

 photo Picture6_zpse2c97553.png  photo Picture7_zpsafafb80e.png  photo Picture8_zps76d02e1f.jpg
The story that accompanies the iconic cover of #19 is told in this issue. Shiera is kidnapped while on expedition to Northern Mongolia and Hawkman is accepted by the local pagans as their ancient god resurrected. The Hawkman gets to apply his sword to good use.

 photo flash16a_zpsb3735f44.png Harry Lampbert uses a variation of his Flash Comics #1 cover for the splash page of the King story.

 photo Picture3_zpsb217331d.jpg  photo Picture4_zps07fb37c7.jpg Gangsters learn that Joan knows the Flash. They kidnap her in order to draw the Flash out in the open to kill him. Without evil super-powers to confront him, their plan fizzles out quickly.  photo Picture5_zps22f4a610.jpg Minute Movie features start to hit their stride for content.

Entry #24

March 1941
Rating: 5  photo flash015.jpg
The Circus is used yet again as the vehicle for this superhero yarn. The Flash clowns around with the bad guys.

This is the last we see of the King vs. the Witch match up for a while.

The Hawkman meets the Hand. A supernatural spirit conjured up by a jealous brother. Early stories such as this would add to the pathos of the Hawkman’s darker nature.