Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Post #56

Issue #44
Rating: 5

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Pop quiz! When was the first time the Flash traveled thru time? You guessed it . . . THIS ISSUE!

If the editors had a do over on the cover\title, this is the issue! Forget the ‘Liar’s Club’, use the time travel story line. It would have been a sought after classic!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Post #55

Issue #43 Rating: 4
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The date stamp of 5-12 is the day the Axis lost North Africa.

With 250,000 Italian and German prisoners, the Axis losses for the North African campaign was close to one million.

After the outstanding run of previous issues, it was time for a breather. The Flash story tries linking Dr. Frankenstein with escaped convicts by way of a traveling circus. As convoluted as this may sound, it is. The Hal Sharp penciled and origninal Flash artist Harry Lampert inks are something less than desirable to the eyes.
 photo d2ad45cf-3254-45e3-b1fd-928285bf75b3_zps3d8a8fc7.jpg
Plenty of Nazis to be found in this issue: Johnny Thunder, Ghost Patrol, Minute Movies. Hawkman story fits nicely within the 8 – 10 year old demographics. What is bizarre about this issue is that most of the strips are geared for young children audiences with horrific themes of death camps and nazi occupation.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Post #54

Issue #42
Rating: 5

Another outstanding issue of this series in its prime. Every strip is a fun and wierd read.
 photo flash10154_zpsa40a6da3.jpg  photo flash10156_zpsca43e853.jpg  photo flash10157_zps8aba4528.jpg  photo flash10158_zps3d617579.jpg  photo flash10160_zps4eeb258a.jpg  photo flash10159_zps031d0dd2.jpg  photo flash10161_zps84feaf02.jpg  photo flash10162_zpsefb679bc.jpg  photo flash10163_zpsa01d255a.jpg
The King is dead. Page count is cut to 56 pages.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Newsreel 03/43

Post #53

Issue #41
Rating 5

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Every strip in this issue is fun to read. Generally, the Flash and the Hawkman avoid war themes. This issue is an exception. The Flash and Joan stumble across gangsters that are trying to hi-jack gas to sell on the black market. The demand for the black market gas is overwhelming and draws the Flash’s attention. The Hawkman has to find American airport workers that are willing to sell top secret laser guided anti-aircraft guns, invented by Carter Hall, to the Nazis located in South America. The Hawkman also loans his spare wings to an airman that lost his nerve flying combat missions.

The Ghost Patrol tale is a doozy! Hitler releases a Jew from the concentration camp in order to conger up the spirits to counter-act the Ghost Patrol. When Attila the Hun, Napoleon, and Genghis Khan, exit this world for the spirit world because modern warfare is too advance for them to fight against, the Ghost Patrol wallop Hitler on the eastern front. Resulting in the poor jewish medium to be sent back to the concentration camp.

Johnny Thunder, and the Whip use the Nazis saboteur themes to good effect. Minute Movies and the King are fun too. Great issue!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Post #52

Issue #40
Rating: 5

 photo cb71d735-d96c-4906-ad4f-d2644c89e528_zpsbfc93003.jpg This was my very first Flash Comic purchase. It is the classic issue for me.
It captures the zeitgeist of the comic book reader with all the war themes.

 photo ee00a2a3-421b-4abf-a1cd-612a11d88814_zpsab3dfe8d.jpg "The Man Who Could Read Faces," by Gardner Fox and art by Lou Ferstadt, is one of the top five GA Flash stories in my opinion. All of the Lou Ferstadt Flash stories in the series are worth checking out if you are new to the series (34,36,38-44,49). They all are excellent. The other stories in the anthology from the early war era represents some of the best of the whole series.  photo 244317df-e931-48be-9dc5-55d8e896e0e1_zps84679a58.jpg  photo 90d91c61-c36a-4c84-ab97-96938cefda18_zps417d5bda.jpg  photo 9082682d-cc2f-405f-8ec0-4c9260821d8d_zps6ff91c95.jpg  photo cba56368-5d19-4163-90f7-11825fb58329_zpsf70428a1.jpg  photo ab955198-0dfe-49c2-ad63-23dcc76309ff_zps1d2bb477.jpg
The Hawkman story is titled: "Give Them the Bird".