Saturday, May 30, 2015

Post #101

Issue #89
November 1947
Rating: 4

 photo Flash89001_zps58563538.jpg
 photo 673b1dce-e99b-435b-8542-1fc850190a17_zpsb3d071ea.jpg
Joe Kubert's cover and Flash story introducing the Thorn\Rose is the highlight of an otherwise ordinary issue.  photo Flash89005_zps301a7f74.jpg
Everett Raymond Kinstler returns for his second Hawkman story with a straightforward cops and robbers yarn (scripted by Broome).  photo Flash89004_zps8fb5f5a8.jpg

Infantino’s rendering of Johnny Thunder has a passing resemblance to the future Barry Allen.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Post #100

Issue #88
Oct. 1947
Rating: 5

 photo flash10193_zps2dc848e9.jpg
Joe Kubert is credited with the cover, Flash, and Hawkman strips. Carmine Infantino handles the Ghost Patrol and Johnny Thunder (Black Canary) strips. Harry Lampert (the original artist of the Flash) has two children’s humor strips. Robert Kanigher scripts are excellent on for the Flash, Hawkman, and Johnny Thunder.

 photo flash10195_zps708ec939.jpg
Line up is back to the traditional Flash at the beginning and Hawkman at the end.

The Flash story "The Case of the Vanished Year" is one of my all time favorites from the GA. It makes for an excellent bedtime story. Imagine waking up one year in the past and you know you are in the past and you are trying to get back to the present.

 photo Flash88002_zpsf285087e.jpg  photo flash10197_zps8897b133.jpg  photo Flash88001_zpsef67f5d6.jpg
Johnny isn’t bright enough to see what’s coming, but his Thunderbolt does . . . the Black Canary!

 photo flash10199_zpsc0d2ae54.jpg
The Ghost makes his debut vs. Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Joe Kubert does an excellent job getting the foggy feel with London after mid-nite.

 photo flash10196_zpsaed02cd6.jpg I love this splash from Infantino in this issue.

As a side note, All-Star Comics 37 on the newsstands at the same time features a Kanigher script with art on the Flash by Infantino, Hawkman by Kubert (his last for the title), and gag pages from Lampert.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Post #98

Issue #86
August 1947
Rating: 5
 photo flash10169_zps709fae82.jpg

Robert Kanigher scripts start to take flight with the Flash, Hawkman, and the introduction of the Black Canary in the Johnny Thunder strip.  photo flash10175_zps94f20159.jpg The Flash cover and story "Stone Age Menace!" is drawn by Lee Elias and inked by Kubert.

 photo flash10176_zps91c78f04.jpg The Black Canary’s dangerous beauty also brings to mind Lauren Becall from the Big Sleep, which was released several months earlier.

 photo flash10177_zpsb7d3df9d.jpg
Try as hard as he could, the Thunderbolt knows that his bolts are soon to vanish forever.
 photo flash10179_zpsf76e76d8.jpg
 photo flash10180_zps35662ea5.jpg
Carmine Infantino makes his Flash Comics debut with the pen and pencils of The Ghost Patrol. His style of fluent action will become the industry standard for a whole new generation of artist to come.
 photo flash10178_zpsa3f0a3f2.jpg
Another excellent proto-SA villain in costume yarn.