Sunday, May 29, 2016

Post #112

Issue #100
Sept. 1948
Rating: 5

 photo Flash100001_zps0f021d14.jpg

The Kubert (Hawkman) and Infantino (Flash, Ghost Patrol, Black Canary) art in these stories makes for a quick fluid read. Dialogue is mostly window dressing. Even the Paul Reinman\Bob Oksner work with the 5pcs. Atom filler is respectful.

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The following newsreel from 1948 stirs the fear pot of "Hitler Werwolf Gangs" lurking to retake Germany.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Post #111

Issue #99
Sept. 1948
Rating: 5

   photo Flash99002_zps8c99c631.jpg

Carmine Infantino is credited for the cover. Lee Elias art in the Flash. Infantino art in the Ghost Patrol and Black Canary. Kubert art in the Hawkman. Paul Reinman, who is best known for the Green Lantern, does a fine job with the Atom. Martin Naydel who is best as a cartoonist does the two page Flash Facts filler pages.
 photo Flash99004_zps26e4308c.jpg
Jay is now officially a criminal forensics expert. Now we have the source material for his SA counterpart, Barry Allen choice of career.
These house ads foreshadow the new trend in comics away from the Superhero genre . . .
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