Saturday, March 30, 2013

Entry #19

Issue #12
December 1940
Rating: 5

 photo flash012-2.png
Although Flash Comics #14 gets the ‘classic cover’ designation, I think this issue is worthy of classic distinction.
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By the end of 1940, The Flash story has now focused on the looming war in a far off land. Although the name of the countries is imaginary, the content of the story is not lost on the readers. After witnessing the raging war for too long, the Flash proclaims, “This has finally brought home to me how evil war really is – and how everyone should do everything in their power to help stamp it out!!’ With Flash style, coming to the aid of the the Kurtavians, their enemies, the Nuralians, weapons and uniforms are whisked away. Their U-boats disabled. Along with their power stations destroyed – peace is finally won.
Following the Flash story is a new strip. Les Watts: Radio Amateur. Where as the Flash is called to duty in war, Les Watts represents the American spirit of innovation and progress in technology. Or as the police officer in the last panel proclaims, ‘. . . real American boys – the kind all boys want to be.’

Having read the twelve installment of Johnny Thunder, I see a strong similarity between his powers and the popular sixties TV show ‘Bewitched’. Much like the comical spell casting of Samantha and her family on the helpless mortals, Johnny can turn ordinary people into animals or make them do things against their will, all for his simple minded whimsical desires.
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Here is a sample of the the Whip by Homer Fleming.
 photo flash10030_zps6acd81c7.jpg
“He keeps coming to the club and making violent love to me! Doctor, I tell you the man’s insane!!” “Well, I’ll admit, Miss Lewis, that he is very erratic. But there is no one in the field of Bio-Chemistry who can equal him. So please humor him a bit or he may have another stroke – Now I must say ‘Good Night’”, says Dr. Ray. I thought I would quote this particular panel from the first installment of “Minute Movies”, by Ed Whelan. Mad Doctor in search of a Bio-Chemical serum that makes young women do whatever he commands them to do, ‘make violent love’.
 photo flash10031_zps6b8ef7f5.jpg
The Hawkman story continues the mythos making hero of the murky underworld themes.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Newsreel 09/40

September 1940 began the Blitz of London. 300 German bombers leave bases in France for England.

Entry #18

Issue #11
November 1940
Rating: 5

This issue is the last of the cover not being featured in the story. The splash page of the Hawkman story is best paired with the cover of issue #17. Although there isn’t anything noteworthy about them, the stories are enjoyable to read. Judging from the frequency of early Hawkman panels posted, he is easily the most popular character in year one of the title.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Music Entry 08/40

#1 on the Billboard for August 1940
Frank Sinatra - I'll Never Smile Again 1940 with The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.

Entry #17

Issue #10
October 1940
Rating: 5

Judging by the ad in the comic, this issue was on the newsstands in August 1940. It interesting that the stories foreshadow real world events that was about to happen. U-boats attacks off the cost of Panama, US Empire in far off pacific islands coming under attack. These early Flash stories are still developing the Flash persona as a protectorate of the common man – and children. The Hawkman is more a shadowy figure that is not interested in using his occult skills for the service of the general public like the Flash. His talents are best used for assisting individuals. Note the John Denver character in this story. The other stories in this issue are also very entertaining to read. Once again, the classic Flash cover is not reflective of what the story is about in this issue.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Music Entry Rocky Mountain High

This week's musical entry is dedicated to John Denver.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Entry #16

Issue #9
Rating: 5

The only miscue with this issue is the cover. The Hawkman is not out west in the story. He does travel to an abandon gold mine in Colorado to investigate a man named John Denver in the next issue. In this issue, the Hawkman occupies the first story position. He is down under the sea off the coast of NYC. He meets Poseidon; who aids in defeating a sea demi-god.
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The Flash story is a case of science in the hands of crooks. Their plan goes wrong when the giant gila monster that they created terrorizes a town. This is another story where Jay is known by another one of his old college buddies as the Flash.
All the stories in this issue are excellent. A great variety of super-hero action, crime, espionage with a ‘foreign country’ with a U-boat off the coast at the Panama Canal, humor, and wild west adventure.

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