Friday, March 28, 2014

Post #63

Issue #51
Rating: 5

 photo e2130cde-6561-4db3-954d-7752bd6396fc_zpsb9c3ec40.jpg  photo 8d4cc221-7b46-46b3-b15c-2075d9950c7c_zps3ae39655.jpg The Flash does battle with the Mighty Thor.
 photo 61821aeb-ef8c-4c88-a415-20807ee494bb_zps0825ac99.jpg
It wasn’t until the newsstand date of the first week of January 1944 before the Hawkman makes reference to the war in any of his stories.

Post #62

Issue #50 February 1944 Rating: 5  photo 5153d1c8-295c-4ba4-8376-74689f4c7783_zpsd6cd843e.jpg, This issue brings back memories of childhood television watching from the 60’s and early 70’s. Twilight Zone (Flash story) I Dream Of Jeanie (Johnny Thunders) Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (Ghost Patrol) Fractured Fables (Minute Movie). The Hawkman story brings its usual high quality punch!  photo flash50003_zpsf7ae718d.jpg

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Post #61

Issue #49
Rating: 5

 photo 95d8fa95-c49c-4b48-92f4-1b6ed81242c4_zps8628605d.jpg
This is the first time the Flash’s character is continuously late for a date with Joan. A plot devise that got over used in the SA version of the Flash.
 photo c9805ae6-f836-4197-a149-a17aa7a7051a_zps154ced64.jpg  photo b12a3ccd-5614-4206-9b5b-53ea0617fbae_zpsbb0e27fb.jpg
The Golden Age of Superhero comics can best be described as living in a world of genteel normalcy, shaken up by an anti-social catalyst, resolution is achieved. Life returns to normal.
 photo 3b961fe5-4a0b-4eaa-a8dd-6e4f9f341d0b_zps33735803.jpg  photo 08300cfd-7b31-4ada-be56-f74272d050f0_zps542c0d88.jpg  photo 7bc29aca-3710-4a1a-bf02-f476d05a48d9_zps22a72c9e.jpg
 photo e692ba5f-e08e-4199-b78c-2155207f51ec_zpsab8173fb.jpg
Some of the anti-social catalyst in this issue is very creepy from a historical perspective.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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Issue #48
Rating: 5

 photo flash48_zpsaa995c05.jpg
Another Golden Age WWII gem.
Now we know what Jay Garrick did during the war . . .
 photo 38fbebea-0923-4a32-9233-955477ccabae_zps6745707d.jpg
The Ghost Patrol sink the Von Tirpitz, 1 full year before the actual event!
 photo flash49004_zps44064af6.jpg

With a newsstand date of October 8, 1943, this story has real world events as a backdrop. It wasn’t until November 1944 until the ship was sunk.

"In September 1943, Tirpitz, along with the battleship Scharnhorst, bombarded Allied positions on the island of Spitzbergen, the only time the ship used her main battery in combat. Shortly thereafter, the ship was damaged in an attack by British mini-submarines and subsequently subjected to a series of large-scale air raids. On 12 November 1944, British Lancaster bombers equipped with 12,000 pounds (5,400 kg) "Tallboy" bombs destroyed the ship; two direct hits and a near miss caused the ship to capsize rapidly. A deck fire spread to the ammunition magazine for one of the main battery turrets, which caused a large explosion. Figures for the number of men killed in the attack range from 950 to 1,204. Between 1948 and 1957 the wreck was broken up by a joint Norwegian and German salvage operation."

The Minute Movie tale has to be the most bizarre sports story ever conceived.  photo flash49003_zps34e7dddf.jpg