Saturday, September 27, 2014

Post #72

Issue #60
December 1944
Rating: 3
 photo flash60001.jpg
Regretfully, this issue has to rank as one of the worst of the series.
Not only is the Martin Naydel artwork flat (his treatment of Joan is unforgivable), the Fox Flash story reads like an Angela Lansbury 'Murder, She Wrote' vehicle – YUK!
Ghost Patrol, Johnny Thunder – painful to read. The 3 page 'Picture Stories from History', "The Story of Ferdinand Magellan" just doesn’t feel like a good fit for the series.

 photo flash60003.jpg
The Hawkman and Hawkgirl story is well done. Shelly’s art is top notch. The Humming Bird makes another appearance. If only Sheldon Mayer would have picked-up on the value of having super-villans oppose the heros earlier, it would have made for more interesting stories. It wasn't until Julie Schwartz took over before the appearance of super-villian became mandatory later in the series.

 photo flash60004.jpg
This panel is a rare acknowledgment by Hawkgirl that  the world was at war.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Post #71

Issue #59
November 1944
Rating: 4
 photo FlashComics59_zps3dc7bcf0.jpg
The Flash story may hint to Gardner Fox’s boredom with writing mobster yarns and his need for a vacation. The John Chester Kozlak art in the story is ok.
 photo flash59003_zpsd40a361f.jpg  photo flash59004_zps09e5550f.jpg  photo flash59005_zps4b92327f.jpg
Peachy Pet, along with Johnny’s help, continues to have fun in Hollywood.
"The Story of Leif Ericsson and the Norsemen by M.C. Gaines and Don Cameron. Doesn’t seem to transition well with the other stories.

 photo flash59006_zpsc9ca3c22.jpg
Although credited as the last Minute Movie strip in Overstreet and CGC Labeling, Ed Wheelan’s Fat and Slat is actually featured as a single page.

DC begins adding the title of the series to the top of the page.
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Post #70

Issue #58
October 1944
Rating: 5
 photo flash58001_zps734ec4f1.jpg

When ‘The Creature From The Black Lagoon’ was matinee gold in 1954, Gardner Fox must have been saying to himself, ‘Yeah, I did that ten years ago’.  The Jon Chester Kozlak art has a murky green bog feel to it – and it works!

 photo flash58003_zpsce428952.jpg
The story begins with a Moses like origin of the Merman. As he becomes an adult his duel nature finds that he is not accepted as a man. The missing link between fish and man turns to a life of crime and has to swim upstream when the Flash is in pursuit.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl serve up the corny jokes with their punches.

 photo flash58004_zpse43e8d0a.jpg
This issue is the correct end of the run of 'Minute Movies' strip. Overstreet and CGC Labeling mistakenly cite the next issue.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Post #69

Issue #57
Sept 1944
Rating:  4

 photo flash57001_zpsbbb12649.jpg
The Ghost Patrol find themselves off the battle front and in an art gallery. Martin Naydel art for the Flash is still challenged by adjusting his cartoon style art to suit the superhero genre. This issue would be Ed Wheelan's penultimate Minute Movie strip which began in 1921 in newspaper form and ran in all Flash Comics thru issue #58. Below follows the typical format of a silent film parody. Most of which I found very entertaining..
  photo flash57009_zps54bef4d3.jpg  photo flash57008_zps58b2037f.jpg  photo flash57007_zps6a0d625b.jpg  photo flash57004_zpsa0c19245.jpg photo flash57005_zpse8057691.jpg  photo flash57003_zps5e47594a.jpg  photo flash57006_zpsca0fc0d1.jpg