Saturday, April 27, 2013

Newsreel 02/41

New Orleans Carnival Week, February 22, 1941 German Newsreel from February 12, 1941 Partial translation of the scenes. Solemn burial of the Hungarian Foreign Minister Count Czaky in Budapest. Receipt of the outgoing Japanese ambassador Kurosu by the guide. Reichsjugendfuehrer Arthur Axmann take you to a visit of several days in Norway, wreath on the German military cemetery in Oslo. Winter Sports in Oslo. Winter Aid concert in Lucerne Hall in Prague, conducted by Herms Niel. The district of Silesia is divided into the two provinces of Lower and Upper Silesia, Karl Hanke as new Gauleiter of Lower Silesia, the appointment of Fritz Bracht Gauleiter of Upper Silesia. Presentation of certificates of appointment and talk of Reich Minister Rudolf Hess. Request concert donations will be distributed to mothers in the kingdom. Kapitaenleutnant Schepke and his crew are invited to Ruhpolding in Gau Munich-Upper Bavaria. Kapitaenleutnant Schepke speaks in the Berlin Sports Palace on German youth about his experiences as a submarine commander.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Entry #23

The following comparison shows the similarities between the Hawkman story from Flash Comics #14 with Hawkman #7 that was published over 24 years later.  photo flash10075a_zps7afd83c2.jpg  photo flash10073_zpsd53978b7.jpg  photo flash10076a_zpsce60752f.jpg  photo flash10075_zps1d0ab596.jpg  photo flash10077_zps2c46ab2c.jpg  photo flash10078_zps79687666.jpg  photo flash10071_zps7b486959.jpg  photo flash10072_zpse5665947.jpg  photo flash10073_zpsd771fe3a.jpg

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Entry #22

Issue #14
February 1941
Rating: 5

 photo flash10053_zps54fbee21.jpg
War themes begin to take shape within this issue . . .
 photo flash10057_zpsdbc18840.jpg
Another King vs. the Witch match of wits . . .
 photo flash10056_zps4f110344.jpg
Les Watts . . .
 photo flash10055_zpsa8c5b8dc.jpg
 photo flash10060_zpsc4eb8939.jpg
 photo flash10059_zps093ed995.jpg
 photo flash10058_zpsf87bc974.jpg
Gardner Fox looks to the construction of the Midtown Tunnel, completed on November 15, 1940, for inspiration of this Flash story. Playing on the anxiety of cave-ins during construction of the tunnel, the Flash uncovers two competing mayoral candidates in a battle to win public support for their leadership in the public works project.

The Hawkman meets the Mighty Scorio. Scorio’s mystery religion is resurrected with malevolent intentions. The encounter foreshadows the Silver Age Hawkman #7 in “Attack of the Crocodile-Men!”

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Entry #21

Issue #13
January 1941
Rating: 5

 photo flash10051_zps34329ce3.jpg
The end of 1940 closes the first chapter of the Flash Comics series. The themes of fighting political bosses, underworld gangsters, and Karloff-like mad scientist are going to be sharing space with the new genre that emerges in 1941 – war. Hints of these new stories are seen in this issue’s Les Watts and Cliff Cornwall stories. The former tracks down a Bela Lugosi type thespian that wants to blow up destroyers while they are being launched in the harbor. The latter is invasion of Snowland (Greenland) by Korova (Japan) and Cliff is sent into action to protect the Monroe Doctrine! Both of these stories are an odd mixture of genres that fun to read.
 photo flash10052_zpscb795f35.jpg
The King Standish stories are also unique. Drawn by Flash Comics #1 artist Harry Lampert and scripted by Fox, they are more about a secret love affair between the King, a quasi-good guy and the Witch, an unrepentant criminal. The King, more interested in frustrating the Witch then being a protectorate of the Law, enjoys seeing the Witch fail in her schemes. He joyfully turns her loose in order to play the game again – rather than turn her over to the Police.
 photo flash10050_zpsdb8b1a5a.jpg
The art in the Flash becomes more fluid and expressive in the emotions of the bad guys as they confront the speed of the Flash.

The cover art would best been used for the Ione Craig stories back in issue #5 and 6.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Entry #20

House Ads for December 1940

 photo flash10033_zps16feb651.jpg  photo flash10032_zps15b4e10f.jpg