Sunday, April 26, 2015

Post #97

Issue #85
July 1947
Rating: 4

 photo flash10164_zps7af8c200.jpg
 photo flash10166_zps888d2928.jpg
E. E. Hibbard’s splash page evolves from the last issue. The new splash is less boxy and more blown-up with joined in progress action. This new style will carry the title to its final issue.

 photo flash10168_zps8b8dedc7.jpg
Joe Kubert returns with the Hawkman cover and art. With the ‘Lasso’ in the Hawkman and ‘The Impressario’ in the Flash, Robert Kanigher who wrote both stories continues to nurture his young storytelling career. His formula would be the norm for comic books for decades to come.

 photo flash10167_zps25ad3e57.jpg
Interesting to note that the Thunderbolt does not make an appearance at all in this issue and Peachy Pet would make her last. John B. Wentworth and Stan Aschmeier team up for the last time on the strip. Making way for the updated style of Robert Kanigher, Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella with the next issue introduction of the Black Canary. The magic word cei-u will soon be forever silent.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Post #96

Issue #84
June 1947
Rating: 3

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This makes two issues in a row for the dreaded '3' tabcom rating.The rating system works like this, I have a 5 point rating system. The Flash and Hawkman stories have a potential of +2 each, if good. Because the backup stories expectations are lower, they can achieve a +1 bonus to the issue if any of them are good enough  photo flash10106_zps2aaf1252.jpg  photo flash10108_zps04da5ad3.jpg  photo flash10107_zps4866ba72.jpg ‘The Changeling’ cover story script, perhaps by Robert Kanigher, would have been good enough for a full 22 page blow out if it were the Silver Age. Confined to a GA 12-pager, it is too condensed to really blossom.

Lineup is:
Ghost Patrol
Rockhead McWizzard
Johnny Thunder
Hawkman – Art by Jon Chester Kozlak

Fortunately, the series is not damaged by this misfire. More Kubert is to come. Plus a new character is introduced.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Post #95

Issue #83
May 1947
Rating: 3

 photo flash10100_zpsa900ab3a.jpg
It has been a long while since a below average issue appeared. The stories and art are second rate for Flash Comics standards. The bait on the cover metaphorically represents what you get inside. The bait, Joe Kubert cover artist. However, when you turn to the Hawkman story, he did not draw the strip.

Not a problem, really. The next 20 issues are some of the most beloved issues of the 104 issue run.