Saturday, February 25, 2017

Post #139

Wonder Woman #102
November 1958

 photo ww102_zps46y8zerh.jpg

 photo ww102a_zpsurvgvrod.png

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 photo ww102c_zpsc9l3ruff.png

 photo ww102d_zpsnlhzce0b.jpg

Continuing with the SA mythos of love\marriage, fantasy\adventure, multiple WWs, and olympian feats of valor. No big bird talons this issue.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Post #138

Wonder Woman #101
October 1958

 photo ww101_zpsofq3irnv.jpg

Although I haven't rated any of these issues, this issue would get high marks for art and story. Pure SA fantasy at its best!

First story: "Undersea Trap!"

 photo ww101a_zpssuytbzuz.png

 photo ww101b_zpsetp8rkjv.png

 photo ww101c_zpsxdbz78ch.png

 photo ww101d_zpsvam8hw9q.png

Second Story: "Fun House of Time!"

 photo ww101e_zpspkedssww.png

 photo ww101f_zpstnkvrhxu.png

Friday, February 17, 2017

Post #137

Wonder Woman #100
August 1958

 photo ww100_zps6rt5iyyc.jpg

Outstanding issue. Free of any ghost of GA past.

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 photo ww100g_zpsucjpzpks.png

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Post #136

Wonder Woman #99
July 1958

 photo ww99_zpsgl0vaimo.jpg
Space age upgrade in art and content in this issue. Full throttled Silver Age adventure.
 photo ww99a_zps1flnov7m.png
Did you ever wonder how Wonder Woman can move about in space without a spacesuit? Secret Amazon Tech revealed . . .
 photo ww99b_zpslqxwfjbp.jpg

 photo ww99c_zpsaxbyz8zf.png