Saturday, October 25, 2014

Post #74

Issue #62
Rating: 5
 photo flash62001_zpsaff71f3d.jpg  photo flash62002_zps500fe7ba.jpg  photo flash62003_zps919baf4d.jpg
With the page count reduced to 48 pages for a few issues now, this era of Flash Comics have a standard line up of the Flash, Johnny Thunder, Ghost Patrol, and Hawkman. The Hawkman continues with its crime themes. The other three titles have plenty of zany comedy and action that makes them a fast and enjoyable read.

 photo flash62004_zps9beba575.jpg
I wonder what the editor of the splash page thought when he saw the misspelled Hawkman headline? A simple cut-n-paste can mask a multitude of errors.  photo flash62005_zpsf5bef011.jpg
Joe Kubert’s first work on Hawkman. His early style looks like a continuation of the Moldoff setups; as seen in the ‘sock’ of the fight scenes. What strikes me immediately with the new look is the attention to detail that was missing in the past. By the start of 1945 a new era of the Golden Age of Comics is starting to take form.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Post #73

Issue #61
January 1945
Rating: 5
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The brilliant run of 61 issues of Sheldon Moldoff’s Hawkman art has reached its finale – along with it an end of what I consider to be the first phase of the Golden Age of Comics.

The gangsters are set aside for a fantastic story of men from Saturn preparing for their invasion of Earth. Fox’s eloquent story foreshadows much of his work to come during the Silver Age of Comics.

 photo flash61004_zpsf0160be7.jpg
Joan’s great idea for Jay to become a Magician to aid sick kids leads to more trouble then they counted on. 
 photo flash61005_zps1ab94bdf.jpg Full page ad for the one shot 'The Big' All-American Comic Book. I plan to review it as a supplemental entry after the 104 issue series has been completed.