Friday, December 27, 2013

Post #51

Issue #39
Rating: 3

 photo 462f9c3f-9d04-4112-99df-cbe5a937d429_zpsc397e322.jpg  photo bf16dea0-889f-4bb4-b3ee-c92246765f2a_zpsd05769b9.jpg This issue is a case where the cover is all you really want to hold in your hands.

This issue starts to show the strain of cranking out too many scripts. Gardner Fox’s Flash and the King scripts are not his best. The Flash is forced to perform all the rolls in a play. He doesn’t look so good as a blonde with those bushy eye-brows. Joe Gallagher makes his artistic debut to the series on the King, without much gusto.
Johnny Thunder, Ghost Patrol, and the Whip use the Nazi exploitation themes with mixed results  photo 4f8e5e5e-70ee-4f8d-8598-028fb03478f8_zpsab87c40b.jpg
Minute Movie – best story of the anthology.
The Hawkman – typical crime stuff.

Der Fuehrer's Face

Released between #38 and #39 on January 1, 1943, Der Fuehrer's Face (originally titled Donald Duck in Nutzi Land) would go on to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the 15th Academy Awards.(/br)(br)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Post #50

Issue #38
Rating: 4

 photo a21f8847-f6af-4486-8476-65719a6f808e_zps91d13522.jpg The Flash art is credited to Lou Ferstadt and is excellent.  photo 84758c2e-734b-45cb-a084-60b58eb8cb36_zps0d47c2da.jpg
With the Flash and the Hawkman (along with Batman and Robin) keeping Gotham City free of crime, you would think the crooks would leave for Keystone City.
 photo e1c42231-01db-41c7-b59d-de8d9112a03b_zps143662ba.jpg
The Hawkman and Hawkgirl knew how to dish out the hard knocks.
 photo b2aae2a7-23ff-4455-8e01-922b084bc765_zps87233891.jpg The Ghost Patrol are captured by Hitler and taken to a gas chamber. This has to be the earliest reference to gas chambers I know of.
 photo 5e7b79dc-e2df-49d5-bbb2-d974f27f004f_zps05b3caa4.jpg  photo 982cd5e5-8235-47d6-bab4-e30607b052b3_zpsa11f672a.jpg  photo 17bf6e7d-696a-409f-bcf4-25f4176f3d6f_zps4f07cae5.jpg  photo 5f9c64b2-cd46-4350-a0a6-45c4d4d3c010_zps16a7993d.jpg

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Entry #49

Issue #37
Rating: 4

 photo ce6ac915-b12f-4c52-b347-c58c6411191a_zps81e8eadd.jpg
This is my first 4 rating of an issue.

Stories worth reading in order of interest:

1. Flash
2. Hawkman
3. Ghost Patrol
4. Johnny Thunder
5. Minute Movie

The King and the Whip have become redundant. After a three year run they have lost their charm. Gratefully, this is the last King issue. Look for the Witch character in her next re-incarnation as the Black Canary in #86.

 photo f110d16b-b690-43b5-9751-836376546245_zpsd54e858c.jpg  photo Flash37002_zps862c0672.jpg The Flash demonstrates how he can not be put in a straight jacket, nor be held in a cell.
 photo Flash37003_zpsf8d2101c.jpg

The Thunderbolt reminds me of the old Bewitch episodes from the ‘60s when the magic causes mischief.

 photo Flash37008_zps7b7f10b0.jpg

That mace shot to the face is going to leave a nasty stain on the floor.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Battle for Stalingrad (August 23, 1942--February 2, 1943)

It was during this era that the Battle for Stalingrad was raging. By February 1943 Nazi Germany was in retreat in the east.

Here is an excellent Russian documentary with English narration of the battle.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Entry #48

Issue #36
Rating: 5

 photo c005e54d-c400-4db0-b982-f6c4721f0a85_zps86e24c24.jpg Harry Lampert ends his run of Flash Comics work with the King story. He will continue to contribute later in the series with inks to the Flash story in #43 and his Ton o’Fun 1 page cartoons.
 photo flash10144_zps76c3deab.jpg
The Flash is opposed by a unemployed circus contortionist, the Rag Doll, that uses his unusual abilities to masquerade as a doll and gain access to department store vaults before setting his cites on a well to do scavenger hunt held by Joan’s friend that could result into a big payday of U. S. Saving Bonds. This issue features a rare incident where the Flash is caught off guard and knocked unconscious.

The Flash art is credited to Lou Ferstadt and is excellent.

 photo flash10145_zpsc11c4aa4.jpg The Ghost Patrol and Johnny Thunder stories feature North Africa Nazis and U-Boat adventures.  photo flash10146_zpsa56ceeef.jpg
The King uses the aid of a slightly reformed Witchie to nab a serial killer.

 photo flash10147_zps0b96fcd2.jpg
Another Nazi spy ring smashed!
 photo flash10148_zpse64c7d79.jpg  photo flash10149_zpsf0921f17.jpg

Post #47

Issue #35
Novemeber 1942
Rating: 5

Part 3

 photo FLASH35-601_zpsd9c26480.jpg  photo FLASH35-602_zps1d59fce0.jpg  photo FLASH35-603_zps0eba354c.jpg  photo FLASH35-604_zpsb914b749.jpg  photo FLASH35-605_zps00503254.jpg  photo FLASH35-606_zps1f8dca87.jpg  photo flash10138_zps0921aef0.jpg  photo flash10140_zps5014b7b0.jpg  photo flash10141_zpsb93c6cd4.jpg  photo flash10142_zps79195e17.jpg  photo flash10139_zps3b8bafb0.jpg

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Post #46

Issue #35
Novemeber 1942
Rating: 5

Part 2

 photo FLASH35-201_zps47e8aa49.jpg  photo FLASH35-202_zpsc96f074c.jpg  photo FLASH35-203_zps88ffc4c9.jpg  photo FLASH35-204_zps8193de4a.jpg  photo FLASH35-205_zpscbc156d1.jpg  photo FLASH35-206_zps1a3f52e3.jpg  photo FLASH35-207_zps7c9bcce7.jpg  photo FLASH35-208_zps1fe0aadd.jpg