Thursday, November 26, 2015

Post #102

Issue #90
December 1947
Rating: 5

 photo Flash90001_zps757ad4ac.jpg
Infantino gets whopping 25 pages in this issue. He’s work can be seen in the Flash, Ghost Patrol, and Johnny Thunder stories.

 photo Flash90004_zps84235fff.jpg
Ever wonder how fast the Flash really is?

 photo Flash90003_zpsbe1366e9.jpg
Joan, Ginger. Ginger, Joan. Which will it be Jay?

 photo Flash90005_zpsece97f00.jpg
Kubert gets more expressive in his layouts in the Hawkman story.

30 years later, Kubert would draw the covers of the Ghost battling Batman . . .  photo Batman310_zpsmg7mpqt7.jpg  photo Batman_319_zpskt21u9p1.jpg
the stories of both drawn by the GA veteran, Irv Novick.