Saturday, January 31, 2015

Post #86

Issue #74
August 1946
Rating: 3
 photo flash74001_zps3c9df217.jpg

With several issues under their wings, Fox and Kubert continue to refine the Hawkman golden age mythos.  photo flash74003_zps38b29f55.jpg  photo flash74004_zpsa6bb2439.jpg  photo flash74005_zps8d303c10.jpg  photo flash74006_zpsaaac92e0.jpg  photo flash74007_zpsdc4e0894.jpg  photo flash74008_zpsa85553de.jpg  photo flash74009_zpsa4636e32.jpg  photo flash74010_zps68682544.jpg  photo flash74011_zpsbe329217.jpg

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Post #85

Issue #73
July 1946
Rating: 3
 photo flash73001_zps93a99eb9.jpg
This and the next issue are examples of dull scripts and not inspiring art. Joe Kubert uses the Hawkman to reimage the mythos from what has been done before -- with satisfactory results.
 photo flash73003_zpsa5d12cec.jpg  photo flash73004_zps1205794e.jpg  photo flash73005_zps4ebca084.jpg  photo flash73006_zpsa67e1c95.jpg  photo flash73007_zps9e611ce3.jpg  photo flash73008_zpsdbfde455.jpg  photo flash73009_zps679b6089.jpg  photo flash73010_zpsce689ebd.jpg  photo flash73011_zps8dd41d84.jpg

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Post #84

Issue #72
June 1946
Rating: 3
 photo flash72001_zps6ca6479b.jpg  photo flash72003_zps30240abf.jpg
The Flash returns with the customary rotating cover feature after several issues absent. If by popular appeal for the Hawkman or the editors just missed the alternating monthly order, who knows.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Post #83

Issue #71
May 1946
Rating: 3

 photo flash71001_zps876f8363.jpg
The Flash comedy yarns are starting to stray into redundancy. The Ghost Patrol offer the most amusing story of the issue.

 photo flash71003_zps09acb26c.jpg

 photo flash71004_zpsd463c8ed.jpg

The Hawkman story foreshadows Flash Comics #106 (May 1959), “Menace of the Super-Gorilla!”. Hawkman’s visit to mystical Feithera is similar in description to the Flash traveling to the lost Gorilla City in Africa. The good vs. evil of both worlds match-up of between the birdmen of Worla\Trata and the gorillas of Solovar\Grodd.

 photo flash71005_zps78e34516.jpg