Thursday, August 22, 2013

Entry #35

Issue #25
January 1942
Rating: 5

 photo flash10112_zps8e4ef406.jpg  photo flash25a_zps080f43be.png
Joan goes to work for the the war effort.
 photo flash25b_zpsf47f03a1.png photo flash25d_zps184c81af.png
‘Keep’em Flying’ issue.
 photo flash25g_zps3613fb32.png
 photo flash25c_zpseac87faf.png
Hawkman is called to duty as well.
 photo flash25f_zps08178696.png
Hawks work best in a flock of 3.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Newsreel 10/41

Youtube courtesy of HumanHistoryArchive
1) Hitler flying over Minsk - Hitler in a plane and the city of Minsk flying in - Four shots - Minsk - Hitler sitting in the plane on an airfield, welcomed by many soldiers who acclaim - Two Plans - Hitler shaking hands with Marshal Keitel - Hitler oversees operations map, listening to the explanations given to him by General Jodl - Two levels - Different maps showing successively: - The boundary line of 1914 - The front when Armistice 1917 - Frontier 1940 - The current frontline with new attacks on Moscow and the surrounding of Odessa. 2 °) Italian Troops amount online - Italian troops, in a convoy of trucks, on a road in the southern sector - Italian soldiers with their helmets plumes - German soldiers saluting the passing of an Italian towed gun - Passage of an Italian truck carrying an anti-aircraft gun. 3°) General Antonescu visits the Romanian troops - Two shots of General Antonescu visiting Romanian troops - Romanian soldiers, camouflaged helmet, embarking on gunboats going down the Danube River - two shots - Departure of gunboats completely covered foliage, camouflaged - Three plans. 4°) with the Hungarian and Slovak troops - with the Hungarian and Slovak troops - the vehicles are registered WL: - Progression of a half-track vehicle with a light quick-firing gun - the gun shoots - Russian vehicles destroyed in flames - With German troops south of Smolenks: - German Light Artillery shelling a village - Five shots - some farms burn in the village - anti-tank guns in action - distant fire - two German soldiers crossing the embankment of a railroad and approaching intact fuel tanks - Two planes - fuel jets escaping through the bullet holes at the base of one of the tanks - Towed artillery progressing - Howitzer firing - Soldiers firing mortars - Howitzer firing - Soldiers lying flat casting machine gun - Crossing Lake Peipus by the Germans in motor boats - VG burned a Russian patrol on the lake - German soldiers by the excavation of a series of Russian equipment destroyed on a slope - Attack on a farm run by the Russian - Six shots - Russian soldiers leaving the farm and going - Progression of German vehicles on tracks transformed into swamps - Progression of infantry and tanks to Nikolaev - Columns of Russian prisoners - Four prisoners. a woman soldat 5°) Poverty in Ukraine slums and skeletal children in hospital - Ukrainian Population in slums - Two planes - PANO on some lined up in a children's hospital beds - Sick , skeletal babies are lying on filthy mattresses - children on filthy beds - skeletal child on a bed - a bare skeletal child lying across her bed - It is "eaten" by flies. Emission: Les Actualit├ęs Mondiales

Entry #34

Issue #24
December 1941
Rating: 5

 photo Flash24_zps0d944c83.jpg
 photo Flash24b_zpscb70af80.png
Fox’s proto-zeta beam.  photo Flash24a_zps930bc489.png
The Flash still is not universally recognized.  photo Flash24d_zps8ddcbcc3.png Les Watts takes a trip into the hearts of darkness.  photo Flash24g_zpsc8af6d07.png ‘Keep’em Flying’ is a catch phrase used not only on the cover, but in every story in the comic for months to come as a rally cry against the axis.  photo Flash24f_zps63a0e402.png We are introduced to the Hawk-Girl.  photo Flash24c_zpsb1065618.png The Hawkman’s relationship with the birds is expanded upon.  photo Flash24e_zps555b1234.png  photo Flash24h_zps01be130e.png