Saturday, October 27, 2012

Newsreel Entry #1

Flash Comics made its debut on 10 November 1939. Here is the house ad from Adventure Comics #45:


For a historical perspective, I've added a newsreel from September 1939 as the Germans invaded the Danzig Post Office Building.





Newsreel courtesy of youtube channel: bagnowka7

Music Entry: 11/39a

All The Things You Are by Frankie Masters & his Orchestra
vocal by Harlan Rogers.

Recorded November 7, 1939.
provided by curiosity of MusicProf78 youtube channel.

Entry #1

The ‘Flash Comics Journal’ is dedicated to the 104 issues of DC comics that ran from the fall of 1939 thru the spring of 1948. Covering the dawn of the Superhero phenomenon and leading towards its decline and near extinction.

The reason why I like to collect golden age comics, in particular Flash Comics, is that they allow me to forget about my middle-aged physical pains, mundane daily tasks – cleaning up after two little boys, and mentally draining responsibilities of maintaining an internet business. Comics back in 1940 offered a way to cope with the real world threat to our countries very survival. They also served as the ethical handbook of what Right was and how to avoid the Wrong. Holding a golden age comic book in my hands allows me to leave modernity and teleport on a zeta beam into a fantastical world where no matter what strange things occur, there will be a favorable resolution. Seventy years removed from the real world threats facing the USA – and in particular, the mind of an adolescent – these stories are fun to read. It is also is a great joy to watch the art evolve over the course of the decade.

My opinion of comic books as a collectible is that Action Comics #1 is the Golden Calf in the pantheon of American Mythology. As the gods of America cease into oblivion with the decline of 'Truth, Justice, and the American Way' – or until rising sea levels engulf most of the east coast, the aesthetic value of the whole genre of comic books collectibles will continue to appreciate.

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